90-Day Accountability Challenge FAQ

Once you have completed the enrolment process, you will have access to all the templates and instructions you need both for planning and getting started on your writing. It’s up to you whether you want to plan first (recommended) or just hit-the-blank-page-writing on Challenge Day 1. 

If you do choose to plan first, you are welcome to email me your outline for feedback and guidance. This will also help me to direct you during your writing if you veer off your plan.

Then we will look at your particular situation – how much time you have available, how confident you are as a writer – and craft a strategy for you to complete your book. Once you start writing, the challenge involves emailing me each chapter as you complete it (or you can email me any time for guidance if you have questions or get stuck). I will read through your chapter and offer suggestions if necessary, and advise you if I pick up recurring issues to do with grammar, punctuation, clarity, or word use, etc. But do bear in mind that we don’t do a full line edit at this stage because you might choose to remove or reword part of your book.

Each week, we’ll look at your progress towards your target and set goals for the following week. 

After 90 days, your editorial support will end (unless you have arranged to defer some or all of your days), but you still have access to the course material. Even if you have not completed your entire book in 90 days, by this time you should good daily writing habits in place and are unlikely to need the same level of editorial support. However, there will be a renewal option at a lower rate if you do want to continue with the guidance of your editor. 

Enrolments are currently closed. Jump on the waiting list to be notified when the challenge will be running again.

No problem. As long as you let me know in advance, you can defer part or all of your challenge days until a specific date. Bear in mind, though, that interrupting the flow of a daily writing habit can set your momentum back a bit. Try to keep going, if you can.

Students who pay in full are entitled to have two email discussions with your editor regarding anything that is causing confusion or writer’s block. For each session, your editor will spend two hours on your project helping you brainstorm ideas and solutions and providing advice. If you complete your draft without needing to use these sessions, then you can request editorial feedback on your manuscript and your editor will spend up to four hours on your book – but please note there may be a waiting list for editing.  

No, that would not be a good use of my time or yours as your manuscript needs room to change and develop first (and I would only be able to help one or two students in this way). However, I will scan through your writing and, if necessary, advise on recurring issues that can and should be corrected early on to avoid/undo bad habits. This might include overuse of certain words and phrases, or a misunderstanding of grammar.

Your enrollment in the first installment of the fortnightly programme will allow you access to the Write Way templates and instructions (Action : Plan is available at an extra charge). Start writing and email me your daily word count by 5PM (AEST/AEDT). Count any writing completed after 5PM in the following day’s tally. I will acknowledge your email later in the evening and offer encouragement. If I don’t receive an email from you, I will send you a message to check up on you, and help you with strategies and motivation to get your words written. 

Towards the end of each fortnight, I will send you an invoice for the next fortnight’s payment. If you decide at any point that you no longer want to continue, simply let me know and I’ll cancel future invoices. 

Absolutely. It’s the perfect way to get ready for NaNoWriMo.

Yes! You can either pay in full for the Ultimate Accountability Challenge, let me know that you only want to start in November, and use the banked time (before and after NaNoWriMo) towards editorial feedback on your completed manuscript. 

OR Sign up for the fortnightly payments for the Ultimate Accountability Challenge. Then just let me know that you want to use it to participate in NaNoWriMo. I’ll send you a final invoice for the second fortnight, which you can either settle in advance or pay half-way through November.

Jump on the waiting list and I’ll keep you posted on any upcoming challenges and let you know when my other courses are live; it may suit you better to work at your own pace. 

I have an exciting general accountability challenge coming up soon. Get in touch: hello AT fullybookedauthor.com

Paying upfront in full: You are entitled to a 14-day cooling-off period during which time you can request a full refund if the course materials and coaching do not meet your expectations or if you realise the challenge is not appropriate for you. Once you have started submitting your writing or word counts to me, you may request a pro-rata refund if you no longer wish to continue.

Paying fortnightly: You can request a refund of your most recent payment if the course materials and coaching do not meet your expectations or if you realise that continuing with the challenge is not appropriate for you. If you simply wish to stop doing the challenge partway, I will cancel future invoices, and you may be entitled to a pro-rata refund of your most recent payment for unused days. 

I hear you. There are a lot of author/publishing scams out there 🙁  But there are also some amazing authors running sites that expose publishing scams. 

I’m not going to steal your manuscript or your idea and publish it as my own. Never mind the fact that I’ve got far too many of my own ideas, and a wealth of public domain works available to adapt, exploiting other authors in any way is just plain cruel.

I know it’s a lot to ask for (even partial) payment upfront, but I have to guard my time — and pay my own bills, too. If I were to provide hundreds of potential authors with free coaching or editing, I would have no time for my paying clients, let alone my own writing.

But here’s the deal: 

  1. Hang out with me. Sign up for my mailing list; join my Facebook group; follow my pages on social media; read my free articles and blog posts. You’ll notice that I don’t email or post non-stop (I’m a working author, not an internet marketer), and I don’t post slick sales pitches. The content that I do post is polished and useful. I’ve been on the web since 2004 – Google me. I’m not going anywhere. There are lots of my articles all over the place, and I’m slowly updating them and bringing them across here. I’m not quite on video yet: I’m still playing catch-up after taking several years off to be a full-time mum. If lockdown ever ends, I’ll consider running some Zoom coffee-and-chat sessions and free workshops. You’ll only find out about these if you’re on my mailing list or group. 
  2. Email me or message me. Let’s chat. (I don’t bite.) If I know that you’ve been in my circle for a while, and if you happen to catch me during some rare down-time in between editing for paying clients and my own deadlines, you may very well be lucky and I’ll agree to do a free sample edit for you.
  3. Enroll in one of my shorter self-study courses. It’s less outlay for you, and you have 14 days to decide if my teaching style suits you.  

Email me here: hello AT fullybookedauthor.com

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The Ultimate 100-Day Accountability Challenge

AU$997 or 7 payments of AU$147

  • ✓ Set your target word count and submit your work daily to your editor! (Valued at over AU$6000!)
  • ✓ Weekly assessment of your progress. (Valued at over AU$1500!) 
  • ✓ Identify and fix issues as they arise.
  • ✓ Templates and trackers to make your writing a breeze.
  • ✓ Option to pay fortnightly or in full*.
  • *Bonus: Pay in full and receive the Action : Plan course for free
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100-Day Challenge Lite


  • ✓ Set your targets and submit your daily word count to your editor.
  • ✓ Weekly assessment of your word count goals and progress.
  • ✓ Templates and trackers to make your writing a breeze.

Action : Plan


Don’t know what to write?

Plan your book first, and receive editorial feedback on your outline.

(Included free when paying in full for the Ultimate Accountability Challenge!)

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